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VLA&S Welcomes Attorney Victoria Townsend

VLA&S is pleased to announce the recent hiring of attorney Victoria Townsend. Vicky’s practice focuses on personal injury, products liability, construction defect, homeowners association liability, and landlord-tenant disputes. She has also served as a designated...

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Your Employee’s Crime May Be Your Fault

If you are an employer, you probably purchase general liability insurance.  You probably know that this type of insurance covers you if you or your employee accidentally hurt another person.  You may also know that this insurance does not cover you for intentionally...

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California Supreme Court Disrupts the Disruptors

On the eve of International Workers’ Day (worldwide on the first day of May), a unanimous California Supreme Court issued a potentially far reaching opinion threatening the very underpinnings of the so-called “gig economy” brought on by Silicon Valley companies like...

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