Insurance Regulatory and Transactional


Insurance Regulatory and Transactional

Our Insurance Regulatory and Transactional attorneys handle all facets of insurance company, agent/broker and reinsurer transactions and regulation. We prepare and negotiate formations, license filings, and mergers and sales/acquisitions. We advise on reinsurance cessions, product filings, compliance matters, and claims strategy, We advocate with regulators for approvals required in connection with all business transactions involving participants in the insurance industry.

We represent insurance companies and insurers in connection with:

  • Market conduct compliance
  • Sales and distribution arrangements
  • Agent, adjuster, and company licenses and formation
  • Product, rate, and form filings
  • Claims handling compliance and technical strategies
  • Third party litigation management programs
  • Product and coverage structuring
  • Cross-border programs
  • Consumer and ombudsman resolutions
  • Surplus lines and exempt programs
  • Reinsurance cessions and disputes
  • Specialized products (e.g., catastrophe)

We represent non-licensed participants in insurance, service contract, and other directly or indirectly regulated activities such as:

  • Fronting/white-labeling programs
  • Risk management programs
  • Captive programs
  • Enterprise risk assessment
  • Self-insurance programs

We also handle complex litigation involving regulatory and civil matters, and provide insurance law consulting with outside firms on cross-border and multi-jurisdictional litigation strategies.

Insurance Regulatory and Transactional Law Team