Jenny Balestrieri

Director of Administration

(925) 274-7650
Virginia (Jenny) Balestrieri, Director of Administration is a professional with 14 years of human resource experience. For the last eighteen years she has held a management and support role with VLT. Prior to joining VLT, she was with the law firm of Strickland & Haapala now titled Haapala, Thompson and Abern in Oakland, CA for eight years. She has notable experience in human resource planning, performance management, federal and state law compliance, employment contracts (offer letters, ICA’s, various designations of employment) compensation, employee benefits and office management.

She holds a Business & Management Degree from Salisbury University. She has been a member with the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA), previous member and served on the board for East Bay Legal Administrators Association (EALA), designation of certification from the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRC1) and pending certification for CLM (Certified Legal Management) and has developed a network of contacts in various areas in relation to VLT business and the community.

Virginia (Jenny) Balestrieri enjoys serving her community by coordinating donations to Children’s Hospital in Oakland, CA. She supports Toys for Tot’s and One Warm Coat with donations from various supporters including VLT during the holidays.