Mindy Saetern



Mindy Saetern

Executive Assistant

(123) 456-7890
Mindy Saetern joined the firm as the Executive Assistant, bringing several years of experience in administration, delivering results and contributing to organizational success. Mindy has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in responsibilities including processes, implementation, communication, organization, onboarding and compliance.

Prior to joining the firm, Mindy honed her skills in an array of industries, such as Hospitality, Medical, Non-profit, and Staffing. Her diverse background and successful track record in extensive administrative roles have equipped her with the skills and adaptability to excel in dynamic work environments, where attention to detail and proactive problem-solving are essential. With her keen sense of ability to identify areas of development, she has restructured many workflows and streamlined processes, creating a more organized and efficient operation.

In Mindy’s prior management role, she was instrumental in the organization’s success by overseeing day-to-day operations, leading the guest service team, increasing team communication, conducting trainings, and continue development of incentive programs to increase clientele. She also acted as regional trainer in the West Coast. She has also held an Operations Analyst role, where she excelled in various administrative tasks, including onboarding a high-volume of new hires and playing a pivotal role in implementing client onboarding procedures to ensure compliance, including various international jurisdictions. Mindy brings her diligence, versatility and cumulative experience to contribute to the operational success of VLT.

Outside of work, Mindy likes to spend time with family and friends, and enjoy outside activities like kayaking, camping, and hiking.