24/7 Emergency Response

Van De Poel, Levy, Thomas LLP has an experienced 24/7 Emergency Response Team that handles transportation, construction, and other types of accidents. Our team has protocols in place for these catastrophic accidents and are ready to be dispatched to provide a thorough investigation with all involved at the accident site, collect important details, secure crucial evidence and manage media relations. We have access to a vast network of experts and specialists available around the clock and ready to provide their expertise.

Coverage Area: Central California Coast/Valley up to California’s North Central District to Nevada and Oregon borders.

VLT’s 24/7 Emergency Response Team offers:

  • Prompt Accident-site Response
  • Secure Crucial Evidence
  • Control Media and Publicity
  • Network of Experts and Specialists

At VLT, we promote proactive safety measurements to minimize the chances of major accidents. See how you can take action to avoid these unwelcomed circumstances with our OSHA Counseling  services.