Van De Poel, Levy, Thomas’ OSHA team represents employees in California. Our attorneys are well-versed in the complexities of OSHA standards and how California’s OSHA laws differ from federal standards. Our OSHA services encompass OSHA Defense for violations in the workplace, as well as OSHA Counseling for preventative measures.

OSHA Defense

Due to the unexpected and often serious nature of workplace incidents, we understand that visits from OSHA inspectors cannot always be planned in advance. If your organization is hit with an OSHA citation, we are skilled in on-site assistance and legal counseling throughout the entire process. We offer 24-hour emergency response and are trained in the initial OSHA walkthrough to make sure they are acting within their legal bounds, limiting the amount of additional violations that may be observed. If these citations require litigation, the attorneys at VLT are fully prepared to provide trial support if alternative dispute resolution is not feasible.

VLT Can Help:

  • On-site Response
  • Preparation for initial OSHA walkthrough
  • Employee interview preparation
  • Facilitation of document transmission
  • Full representation in OSHA Court

OSHA Counseling

When it comes to workplace safety, being proactive and establishing a set of regulatory compliance procedures with VLT will greatly reduce your chances of receiving an OSHA citation. 

We offer counseling and guidance in every step of preventative risk management for a potential OSHA violation. We are able to consistently identify potential risks and workplace violations so that preventative measures can be taken before an incident occurs. In an unfortunate event that an OSHA violation is cited, having a plan of action in place with VLT will assist in getting the best possible legal outcome.

VLT can help:

  • Evaluate and create compliance and reporting procedures
  • Preparation and implementation of health and safety programs
  • Training and education for management and employees
  • Proactive safety audits