Appellate litigation requires lawyers that understand the law, possess a keen understanding of appellate procedure, and are skilled oral advocates. VLT’s team of talented attorneys are dedicated to our client’s appellate needs, from drafting briefs to arguing before state and federal appellate courts throughout California. Our appellate attorneys are prepared to pursue an effective appeal by way of written submissions and oral argument.

VLT attorneys have been trusted to effectively handle every step of the appeal process, whether our client receives an unfavorable trial result, or the opponent appeals a decision. Our team will provide a thorough review to help determine whether or not an appealable issue exist. If an appealable issue is identified, we provide our expertise in preparing, drafting and editing appellate briefs and motions, and skillful handling of oral arguments. VLT attorneys will also assume control of an appeal process for a trial that was not initially managed by our team, offering a fresh perspective by evaluating the entire context of the dispute.

Our Experience:

  • Preparing post-trial Motions
  • Preparing appellate briefs & motions
  • Skillful handling of oral arguments
  • Handling post-appellate motions